No Age Limit For Elderly In Love

No Age Limit For Elderly In Love

Posted on January 15, 2015 by ElderCare Resources in Blog, Inspiration, Senior Living

Young Love In Elderly Couple Inspires

By Steve Flores

It was easy to tell how much they were in love.

The only thing missing was her white wedding gown, his tuxedo and them walking through the doors of a church vestibule. As the doors opened, you could imagine the waiting throng of people throwing flowers. You could effortlessly visualize them making their way through the crowd as the bells rang overhead in the cathedral tower.

I had never met or seen them before this moment but I will never forget them. True happiness and bliss can be a magnet. And you could not help but be drawn to this elderly couple.

It was Wednesday morning and I had dropped my daughter Brenna off at jury duty and had an extra 30 minutes before my first appointment. So I decided I would give myself a rare treat and go to a local coffee shop.

As I took my seat near the front door, my waitress was prompt, smiling and very welcoming. I sat down and ordered coffee and toast. My plan was to spend some unusual quite time alone and schedule the remainder of my month. I had a good workout at the gym that morning and could tell it was going to be a good day.

As I opened my day planner, I took a bite out of my toast, took my first sip of coffee and marinated in the glow of the positive mojo I sensed would be my Wednesday.

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The front doors to the restaurant squeaked when the elderly couple walked in. I would guess their ages to be in their late 70s or early 80s.

My instincts tell me they were dressed up just for their morning breakfast date. Her white-lace collared, full-length blue dress matched the simple elegance of her Betty White hairdo, sparkling blues eyes and sincere smile. He was dressed in freshly pressed gray slacks with a button-down blue checkered shirt. The color of their clothes matched.

He held her arm gently as she slightly limped to her table. The smiles on their faces and in their eyes belied their ages and won victory over their wrinkled faces. They waved and said hello to the few people sitting at tables as though grand marshals in the Bakersfield Christmas Parade.

As they sat next to my booth, I reminisced the many times early in our marriage my wife, Susie, and I would see an elderly couple happy together. I would nudge Susie and say, “That’s exactly how I want us to be when we get older.” She would just smile back at me.

My waitress brought me my bill and I asked her to please add the elderly couple’s breakfast to my ticket. She asked if I knew them. I said no and to please not tell them I was treating them. Although she did not say the words, the look on her faced asked “why.”

I told her they just look so happy and in love I was compelled to acknowledge them in some way.

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She began to tell me the story about how the elderly couple would come in once a month and although it was obvious that she needed help, he refused any assistance from the restaurant staff. He alone would take care of his bride. My waitress couldn’t finish her story because she began to cry. And to be honest with you, so did I.

I have rarely seen love so overwhelming and caring for each other so obvious.

And although they were in the golden years of their lives, theirs was a young love who no longer needed to navigate the love process. They had found their nirvana on earth.

I read a quote that perfectly applies to this elderly couple. “Where they end up after death, God only knows, but surely they will be together in heaven.”

And on her birthday today, I want my Susie to know that if God will have me, that is exactly where we will be together.

I am so lucky to have seen this couple and blessed to say I have seen true love that transcends age, health or life’s consequences.

It really was a great Wednesday.

Published: Bakersfield Californian