Alzheimer’s: Can You Hear The Music

Alzheimer’s: Can You Hear The Music

Posted on January 20, 2015 by ElderCare Resources in Alzheimers Care, Blog, Caregiver Education

Using music to help Alzheimer’s patients

By Herb Weisbaum

The power is music is simply remarkable.

Studies have shown that for people with dementia music may reduce agitation and improve behavior issues that are so common in the middle-stage of the disease.

“We all know that sometimes when you hear a song that you’ve heard 20 years ago, it puts you back in that time and place very well,” said Dr. Dean Hartley, director of science initiatives for the Alzheimer’s Association.

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Dr. Hartley reminds us that short-term memory is the first go, so music from the past may provide a way to connect – even after someone has trouble communicating verbally.

“They’re still remembering some of these things 40 or 60 years ago, like it was yesterday, those are the members they can bring back and music is one of those,” he told me.

The Alzheimer’s Association suggests using music to create a mood – a tranquil piece can create a calm environment. A fast-paced song from their childhood can bring back happy memories.

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If possible, let your family member choose the music they’d like to hear.

Published: KOMO News

ElderCare Resources recommends the movie “Alive Inside” which explores the connection between music and person’s with Alsheimer’s.