6 Tips For Seniors Taking A Cruise Vacation

6 Tips For Seniors Taking A Cruise Vacation

Posted on January 9, 2015 by ElderCare Resources in Blog, Senior Living, Travel

Tips for Senior Cruise Vacations

By Carly Zinderman

Follow These Tips for Smooth Sailing!

A senior cruise can be a great way for seniors to enjoy travel without a lot of hassle. From large cruise ships to smaller river cruises, cruise lines offer seniors the opportunities to meet new people and enjoy new activities. To best enjoy a senior cruise, do your research and follow these tips for an enjoyable vacation.

Pick a Cruise Close to Home

For many seniors, airport security can be a difficult process, making traveling by air annoying and inconvenient. To avoid the hassle caused by replacement joints, pacemakers and other medical devices passing through security checkpoints, many seniors have discovered that hopping aboard a senior cruise that leaves close to home is a convenient way to travel. Choose a cruise from a departure port that is near your home as an easy way to enjoy a vacation.

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Pick a Senior Friendly Cruise Line

Some cruise lines, including Holland America Cruise Line and Crystal Cruises, tend to be favorites when it comes to senior cruise vacations. These cruise lines cater to seniors when it comes to offering special menus for dietary restrictions, whether you’re looking for low salt or low sugar options. There are also plenty of activities to keep you busy on board, from language lessons to classes that provide enrichment. There are also games and sports as well as fitness activities and nightly entertainment to prevent boredom at sea. If mobility is a problem, some senior cruises offer accessibility, including some of the Royal Caribbean ships.

Look for Senior Discounts and Rates

While not all cruises offer special senior cruises, many cruise lines, such as Carnival, offer discounts for seniors. Senior discounts are applied for passengers 55 and over and may be applied to the entire cabin. Choose a voyage that suits you, whether it is a long weekend or a weeklong cruise. Don’t forget to check out Cruise Voyant’s Cruise Forever Young deal to get great senior rates!

Buy Insurance

It’s well know that not everything always goes according to plan. Whether or not you’re planning a senior cruise, purchasing travel insurance can be the only way you can recoup most of your expenses should your plans fall through unexpectedly. Travel insurance may be available for an additional fee when you book with your cruise line or through another carrier. Different insurance covers different policies whether you need to cancel due to illness or a medical emergency or if you need to cut your trip short. Some policies may even cover lost bags or airline delays that cause you to miss your ship.

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Stay Healthy Onboard

Many cruise lines offer special meals for those with dietary concerns and some ships may also offer refrigerator space for medical supplies, as well as oxygen tanks and large print reading options. However, these items require advance notice. If you have medications, be sure to take them with you, as they may not be available on board.

Whether you’re an active senior or have health conditions that need attention, there is a senior cruise that can meet your every need. Book yours today!

Published: Cruise Voyant