5 Simple Steps To Prevent And Reduce Dementia

5 Simple Steps To Prevent And Reduce Dementia

Posted on October 10, 2014 by ElderCare Resources in Blog, Dementia Care, Education, Healthy Living, Independent Living

Get up and moving – Exercise

Are you exercising? Exercising for seniors and elderly does not mean a daily trip to the gym trying to keep up with those much younger. For those who are aging, just getting up and moving around or taking short walks can have welcome benefits. Did you know there’s more evidence that regular exercise will prevent dementia than for any other measure we might take. Exercise simply put can reduces blood pressure, controls cholesterol, improves blood vessel health and keeps weight down.

Have some red wine – Eat Mediterranean food

We’ve heard it time and again, our aging population needs to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, fish, olive oil and nuts, a little red wine and not much meat or dairy. “We don’t know which factor is most important here,” says Dr Clare Walton, from the Alzheimer’s Society, “whether it’s the fruit and veg, the omega-3s from the oily fish, the low sugar, the tannins from the red wine or the fact that you get your fat from olive oil, fish and nuts rather than dairy and red meat.” It’s really simple and makes allot sense that what we eat, our diet, would be number two of these five factors.

Stay on top of medical issues – Manage other health conditions

Most of us as seniors know about type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure and how both increase your risk of developing dementia. When was the last time you had a medical check-up to know if these are under control. Some of the easiest things for us to do as we age are also some of the easiest things not to do.

Stop smoking – No time like the present

Should we be surprised that smoking would have an impact of developing dementia? Think about it, as smoking damages blood vessels and reduces the amount of blood that reaches your brain. As elders, let’s get this one right and quit if we are still smoking.

Use it or lose it – Brainpower

What really is exercising our brain? Yes, it can be playing games that tax our brains to remember, but not everyone likes to play games. How about just doing something new and something fun? Consider a new hobby, learning photography, going someplace new to walk. The possibilities are endless for new things we can do and discover and every time we do something new we are exercising our brain. Build your brainpower by starting a new routine today.

Credits: The Alzheimer’s Society